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Maison PB and Opio Collaborate on New Ready-to-Wear Collection

The brand’s first-ever ready-to-wear collection taps into the timeless elegance of Japanese style to create statement pieces that can be worn at any time of day.

Kimonos, cherry blossoms and flowing fabrics - if you've ever been enamoured with Japan, you're going to be absolutely smitten by Maison PB’s first ready-to-wear collection. Maison PB's new line has dropped on Opio's website and features stunning, colourful prints that make us feel like we're sitting in at Japanese tea ceremony.

“This line had a completely different direction, style-wise, before COVID-19," Pacinthe Badran, the designer of Maison PB, told CairoScene."But then during quarantine I sketched completely different designs that would suit life after lockdown. All the prints are Japanese-inspired. There’s something about Japan I can’t resist. Even in my Prêt-á-Couture days, my very first collection was called 'Urban Geisha'.”

For Badran, the goal behind the collection was to create something that was practical, but still feminine and elegant; to serve as a go-to piece for a vacay, date night, morning wedding, or a day at the beach. Statement pieces that are wearable throughout the whole day aren’t all that common, according to Badran, and this was precisely the gap she aimed to fill by tapping into the timeless elegance and grace of Japanese style.

After designing the collection, she got in touch with Opio, a brand she’s been a long-time fan of. “We shared the same vision for my new line and they provided me with a great online platform where I would want to sell the collection on," Badran said. "I’ve been a fan of the brand for year so the chemistry was already there.”

The collection is now available through the link in Maison PB’s Instagram bio.