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Maison Yeya Debuts FW '15 Collection

The undisputed champion of bridal bliss, Yasmine Yeya showed her latest collection at the Cairo Marriott not long ago. Cue the oohing and aahing and check out the exclusive runway photos here...

Queen of bridal couture, Yasmine Yeya, is not one to host fashion shows every single season with a barrage of beautiful white gowns storming like oversized snowflakes down the runway, though she diligently continues to create her bespoke tailored wedding dresses for brides across the city. So when the designer launched her Fall/Winter ’15 collection, we knew it’s going to be something special. The first campaign shot for the collection has emerged and we can’t wait to see the rest!

The collection, entitled, Your Grace (side note: of COURSE it would be called Your Grace given Yeya’s basically royal status among women about to walk down the aisle and the sheer luxurious decadence of her gowns which are befitting of a princess bride) debuted at the Cairo Marriott Hotel not long ago.

With our exclusive invite to the show we got a sneak peek at the royally ravishing gowns. With the opulence of the Marriott acting as the perfect backdrop to the equally luxurious dresses that descended the stairs on statuesque models. We oohed, we aahed, we got caught up in the fantasy fairytale-ness of it all.

Gowns ranged from the straight up lavish meringue-esque creations to slinky stunners with appliqués and elaborate backs, to that signature Yeya hi-lo style. We await with breath that is baited for the rest of the campaign images to flood the interwebs.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @maisonyeya.