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Malak El Ezzawy Launches Just Like Mommy Line - Adorableness Ensues

All those fantasies of dressing your little girl up just like you are ready to come to life...

Couture cutie Malak El Ezzawy has long cemented her spot in the style circles of the city with her eponymous line of ever-dazzling dresses. But we guess she was like, stunning women are not enough! I must now make tots also look equally fabs. My fabulosity will extend to the youngest amongst them! And then she decided to up the cute factor by like one million percent and launched her Just Like Mommy featuring lots of flouncy tulle skirts and cute tees with cult catchphrases scrawled across them.

“I’d always loved making dresses for little princesses and then when I had a baby ten months ago my obsessions with everything baby grew a little stronger,” El Ezzawy tells us with a laugh, “Even though I gave birth to a baby boy I still wanted to do something couture for the little ones!” For the campaign, the brand tapped social darling Hana El Awadi and her curly-haired cutie of a child to just generally go around being adorable while wearing the matching pieces of the collection. Take a look at the shots and video below. “Maybe the next collection will be a mother-son one…!” El Ezzawy says.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @Malakelezzawy