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Malak El Ezzawy Launches Out of the City Collection

Just in time for those beach-front summer nights comes the local designer's playful new capsule collection.

Malak El Ezzawy is one of the foremost designers in the city, and incidentally, one of the few to constantly, consistently turn out collection after collection. Like, seriously, do this style maven’s design juices never stop flowing? Brava, Malak, you creative cat you. Anyway, her most recent capsule collection comes hot on the heels of – what else? – summer! Entitled Out of the City, the line features lotsa tummy-bearing top, lotsa prints and lotsa pretty, swishy skirts! “It’s playful and sexy,” El Ezzawy tells us. “They’re little easy pieces that you can wear out on summer nights.”

You can get your hands on the pieces at Ghazl Banat Boutique in Hacienda White El Corte starting from the 12th of August! Take a look at the rest of the line below.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @malakelezzawy.