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Mariem Adel's 'Previous Distraction' Collection: The Lovechild of Sexy and Vintage

Mariem Adel's latest collection Previous Distraction blends retro vibes with straight up sex appeal.

When most girl fantasies are all about looking like a princess in their prom, or when they want to outshine the bride at a wedding, they need to make sure they don't look painfully tacky – because that often becomes a price to pay when you're new to royalty. So, if you have a newfound obsession for vintage fashion, and hold unbreakable loyalty for Princess Diana, but you also wish you were Rihanna – Mariem Adel basically lives for people like you. Her collections have been talked about in the Cairo Fashion Festival since 2014, when she first participated. Now, her 2016 summer season collection under the name of 'Previous Distraction' is out, and for its namesake, we would like to distract you from whatever you were previously doing, and have you take a look at these:Mariem Adel's creativity is embodied in the uniqueness of these pieces, and this collection in particular. As she herself tells us, "this collection is all about the sharp cuts, and separated pieces. I got inspired by vintage fashion, like ruffles and puffed skirts, with a modern sexy twist. I always love to recreate the old fashion with contemporary trends in mind." It's clear, through these designs, that they have the best of all worlds – they are a combination of classiness, weirdness, and sexiness. Who doesn't have those as their personality and look goals? "I choose different fabrics, and love to try out all possibilities when it comes to colour. Most of all, I always love to show the feminine, elegant, and sexy side of women – all at the same time!"So, we know you're quite distracted with all the beautiful colours, cuts, and textures – that has been Mariem Adel's master plan all along. And let's admit it, we all seek an exit out of our comfort zones to explore more sides and dimensions of our femininity, the 'Previous Distraction' collection will surely make that happen. Trust yourself, princesses!

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