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Meet Your Next Egyptian Minimalist Bag Obsession

With Islamic motifs and elegant structure, Manoya is embracing the look of a discreet understated accessory while remaining the star of any outfit.

Trendy prints and embellishments might be sweeping the fashion scene, but simple, streamlined bags continue to sell because they’re so convenient. Championing the minimalist aesthetic, Manoya, an Egyptian leather bag brand, is making no-fuss, classic pieces designed to last. We’re talking elegant structures with stylish flair; sturdy square and rectangle bags. Clean lines, basic shapes, and no clutter. Consider it the only acceptable way to wear the same bag for the next 12 months (at least).
Inspired by Islamic culture and motifs, Manoya’s simple signature star and celestial patterns have our hearts set on them. And while it’s a piece to pair with your everyday wardrobe, the muted colour tones, framed with gold and silver metal give the bag the right amount of polish for an evening night out. Plus points for the neat finishing and affordable prices ranging from EGP 2,000 to 3,000. 

“Over the past two years, we’ve been so focused on perfecting the quality. Now, I can confidently tell people that if anything happens to the bag, return it at any point. In our new collection that’s still in production, we’re introducing wood, sadaf and mirror,” tell us Yasmine Abo Youssef, Noha Aly, May Kassem, founders of Manoya.
Practical in size but without any compromise on style, Monaya’s roomy backpacks are your winter's answer to your day-bag dilemma. Also, since the fur bag has become the ultimate winter accessory, Manoya makes ‘Mini Swanky’ fur flap bags. The fur adds a futuristic accent to the already cute bag and it will sure keep our belongings warm too – Don’t you hate it when your iPhone is as cold as an icicle?

Check out Manoya's collection here.