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‘Metfasal Leek’ Designs Clothes for People with Disabilities & Short Stature

Designer Ashgan al-Abhar has created a new brand with the goal of creating clothes for those with disabilities.

metfasal leek

Ushering in a different thought process into the fashion world, Metfasal Leek is the Egyptian brand that has introduced clothing for people with disabilities through new and innovative design solutions. While most of the fashion community have rushed to place the need for body inclusive fashion on a long-neglected pedestal, with race-sensitive ad campaigns and stylish clothes tailored to people of different sizes, it seems that this facet of body inclusivity has been left out.

Tackling this issue head on is designer Ashgan al-Abhar, who found inspiration when her wheelchair-using friend told her how most of her dresses restricted her mobility. And so, al-Abhar launched Metfasal Leek, a label that specifically caters to people with disabilities, or people of short stature.

Metfasal Leek, or ‘tailored for you’ in Arabic, uses design solutions like hook and loop fasteners instead of buttons and buckles commonly used in clothing, which can be a hassle for some people to manoeuvre. Similarly, people with short stature often find it difficult to find their sizes on the market, another issue the new brand hopes to solve.

Currently, the designer is using the help of volunteers to fashion her pieces ahead of the brand’s commercial launch. Although it hasn't announced when it'll hit the market yet, the brand has gotten the attention of international media including Reuters and US News.