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Mix and Match's New Collection Has Us Feeling Fiercely Pharaonic

Inspired by the textures of papyrus paper, Mix and Match's new collection taps into Ancient Egyptian culture.

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian culture, Mix and Match’s newest collection features a line-up of bold prints and loose textured silhouettes. 

“This collection started when we got inspired by the papyrus paper itself,” the founders tell SceneStyled. “After that we found inspiration in the colours of the temple, the Nile greens, the red clay, and the different shades of the sand dunes. We started preparing for the collection six or seven months ago, prior to the Golden parade and we found ourselves aligned with the times.”

When asked about the design and manufacturing process, specifically in regards to the papyrus paper influence, the founders had a lot to say. “It was the texture of the weave itself, it's the same way you weave a cloth,” they explained. “Papyrus is a mixture of vertical and horizontal stripes and unfortunately, that is very limiting and difficult to translate when hand making the garments.” In order to see its vision come to fruition, the brand printed its intricate designs on textured fabrics, perfectly mimicking the inborn texture of papyrus.

The collection is sustainable to its core like the rest of the brand’s offerings. “We’re trying to be environmentally friendly, we heard that the garment making industry was the most polluted and so we made our winter collection with our summer collection in mind,” they said. “You can just complete your wardrobe and build on them, you can build on what you bought in summer, you don't have any waste, it helps a bit, we're trying to be as sustainable as we can.” 

To get in touch with your inner Hatshepshut, you can check out Mix and Match’s catalogue at