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Mother-Daughter Duo Launch Bold & Beautiful Activewear 'Basically Me'

Created by mother-daughter pair Kenzy and Tara Moursi, ‘Basically Me’ is a brand new activewear brand making its mark on Egypt’s burgeoning fitness style scene.

Created by a mother-daughter duo, ‘Basically Me’ is an activewear brand “made by women for women”. After moving back to Egypt from the UK, 27 year-old Kenzy and her mother Tara Moursi felt that the local sportswear scene was limited in its offerings while international labels had mediocre and overpriced collections in local malls.

Leveraging the experience and resources of the family textile business, they rolled up their sleeves, and made inclusivity and affordability their ethos. The brand dishes out fierce cross-generational appeal thanks to their ageless designs. “The name of the brand is a reflection of who we feel will wear the brand ‘Basically Me’ which is everyone,” Kenzy tells #CairoScene. “Our motto is to be fully inclusive no matter your age or size. We want all the women and girls who wear our product to feel confident, comfortable and capable of anything.” From crazed mums juggling work, homeschooling, and errands to teenage girls running to practice after school, their mission is to adapt their pieces to your story.

These outfits can be as high-energy as your Zumba workout or as languid as your evening walk. Their product lines include leggings, sports bras, jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts in a huge range of patterns and colours. We especially love the leggings with evil eyes on them— gotta protect that bod from 7asad after all.

You can shop their designs through