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Mukk is the All-Egyptian Label Serving Korean Chic

Entirely handmade, Mukk’s pieces exude a sense of comfort. Soft, plush, calming— kind of like staying in on a rainy day.

Mukk is the local label that draws on the muted palettes, cosy aesthetics, and quintessential hygge of Korean style. Although the brand doesn’t position itself as K-fashion, we’d argue it borrows strong elements from it.


Korean style, in a nutshell, is best described as the perfect meeting point between minimal and cosy.Traditional minimalism has often been criticised for its cold crispness, but these threads soften those edges with some welcome appeal. From the schoolgirl look to feminine blouses, the result is typically a neutral-toned, hyper-feminine reimagination of nerdy chic that is not shy of heavy layering during the winter. Think of stores like Uniqlo or the clean visuals of popular ASMR YouTubers from Korea like haegreendal and her peers.


Entirely handmade, Mukk’s pieces exude the same sense of comfort present in its visuals. Soft, plush, calming— kind of like staying in on a rainy day. Their pieces are best suited to those who covet a simple, put-together look, and aren’t afraid of a well-fitted blazer.


Some stand-out pieces from their collections include the Mustang black leather and white shearling lined aviator jacket, the Jade high-waisted flared pencil trouser, and the Sienna-coloured half sleeve Moco blouse, which is something between a shirt and blazer.