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NOTFOUND Debuts in Local Streetwear Scene with A Crisp, Clean Aesthetic

After nearly four years of planning, NOTFOUND has finally entered Cairo’s street wear scene, setting itself apart from its hip hop-inspired counterparts with soft pastels and a crisp look.

Giving streetwear a clean, minimal aesthetic that makes sweats and hoodies worthy of the word ‘chic,’ local streetwear brand NOTFOUND entered Cairo's fashion scene with style. With two collections currently at large, their respective photoshoots offer a daring visual representation of their products, set in locations like the White Desert and Saint Simon’s Monastery in Muquattam.

With dreamy pastels and a muted greyscale colour scheme, the up-and-coming brand adopts a crisp - and yet, paradoxically, still soft - take on contemporary street wear. Splitting from the hard hip-hop style that street wear is historically known to adopt, this fresh brand invites an entirely less intimidating lens on casual wear.

Founded by stepsisters Dina Tarek and Tamara Sherif, the dynamic duo kick-started the brand after nearly four years of brainstorming, finally bringing the label into fruition when faced with the heaping amount of time that quarantine hailed in. Tarek, 24, is a stylist and creative director while Sherif, 21, has been modelling for years. With the joint experience the sisters had in the fashion industry, they coupled their passion with a new vision for Cairene street wear.

“Keeping the designs minimal will be consistent with our future product range, but in terms of colour palettes and patches, we really plan to go for it and get creative with our options,” Tarek tells #CairoScene.

The brand aims to expand future collections to more than basics, but incorporate everything under the street wear umbrella into their store, from sweat pants, to shorts, to oversized crop tops.

“There aren’t really nice sweat suits that you can find locally, apart from international brands which are sold at a high price point," Tarek says. "We wanted to offer a local variation that was both consistent with current trends and accessible."

The brand is currently working on their website, which should be up by next week and will offer international shipping. In the meantime, you can make your order through their DMs.