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Can This New Egyptian Jewellery Line Heal You with Crystals? Maybe

We just found a jewellery line that will soothe your soul and make your outfits pop.

We don’t need to look into a crystal ball to know that metaphysical healing stones that were once considered woo-woo ancient traditions have made it to the mainstream. I mean, let’s be honest here, Adele attributed her worst ever performance, at London 02 Arena last year, to the misplacement of her gemstones, and Jennifer Aniston is embedding quartz underneath her workout studio in New York to protect the energy in the space – is there anything even left to be say here? Now what if this is actually a thing – like it really works? Maybe crystals can actually keep bad spirits away.

Taqat, a local jewellery brand, is creating hip - and therapeutic - cuffs, chokers, rings, and earrings, all using healing crystals. Introducing the earth's artistry but with an edgy verve and a modern feel, Taqat pieces will turn a simple outfit into a showstopper. "It started off as a graduation project. I had to take a crystal healing workshop as part of my research to be able to create the concept I had in mind. I only created two pieces then people were infatuated by the designs and that really motivated me," says Salma El Annsary, owner and founder of the brand.

Annsary explains that we have 7 energy centers in our body, known as chakras. Each chakra is a different colour and can be healed by different stones. "I mainly use three crystals - Lapis lazuli (blue), Malachite (green) and Red Jasper (red); they have magical and healing properties that interact with the throat chakra, heart chakra and root chakra," she adds. 

Let's wave goodbye to boring jewellery; Taqat's use of unorthodox materials like wood and leather is one other thing we're in love with. The majestic stones and materials she uses in her pieces derive from the earth but also symbolize or relate to traditional cultures. “The theme of my brand is modern nostalgia. My last collection was inspired by a certain tribe who lived in the desert, called Tuareg. Every collection includes representations of different cultures that once existed in Egypt," Annsary told us. 

Wearing Taqat jewellry is an easy, convenient, and attractive way to carry healing stones with you all the time and everywhere you go - and this my friends is how to keep the bad spirits away. 

Check out Takat's instagram account here