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New Local Brand L2K Teams Up With Egyptian Artisans To Make An Ethical Fashion Statement

Newly launched local brand L2K produces edgy merchandise by partnering up with Egyptian artisans while providing impoverished children with bags.

You might really love that fur coat your dad got you from Lebanon last winter, but you have confessed- at least to yourself- that it feels bad wearing something that is, more or less, harmful and even unethical. You also realised you would love to wear ethical attire but that at the same time you’d like it to be fashionable and not too out of touch.  Now, you don’t have to pick one feature over the other, as new local brand L2K will solve your dilemma by tailoring together the best of both worlds. L2K, whose mission is to “start a cultural movement by creating high quality products that feature ethically sourced handmade textiles,” produces hip and witty designs. However, it is not only the design that characterises L2K but the fact that it relies on local labour, putting in use the talent and effort of artisans working in hand printing, weaving, and embroidery. Not only that, but impressively, when you buy one bag, you’re actually buying two, where the second one goes to a child in an impoverished school.This recent initiative opens up the space not only for designers to deliver to you the most interesting and rich embroidery and handprint-based designs that are in nowadays, but the relieving chance to help local artisans as well as impoverished children to have a better education experience.

You can check out the designs on their Instagram and check L2K’s Facebook page here.