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New Slow Fashion Brand Hoopoo Makes Modest Designs with a Boho Chic Flair

Hiring local artisan families instead of outsourcing to factories, slow fashion brand Hoopoo creates modest, boho chic wear.

Made with practicality and comfort in mind, Hoopoo is the new boho-chic sustainable slow fashion brand latest to hit the local fashion scene. Named after the Egyptian hoopoe (aka el hudhud), this label offers up a selection of airy and earthy designs that are suitable for all levels of modesty.

The brand only launched their debut collection just over a month ago in a line that designer Leena Ramadan described as an entry into the industry based on minimalism. “This was a basics collection where I wanted to launch comfy dresses and jumpsuits,” founder Leena Ramadan told #CairoScene. “It works for both modest wear and non-hijabis."

Leena Ramadan originally hailed from a marketing background, but made her way into fashion after discovering that she had a knack for it. “I used to make my own clothes as a hobby and one time before a trip I took to Morocco I decided to make a whole collection just for me, and the compliments I received motivated me to pursue fashion professionally,” Ramadan said. After that trip, Ramadan enrolled in a fashion design course, leading to a fresh start to her career.

Hoopoo now operates on a completely sustainable basis; instead of outsourcing to factories, they employ artisan families. “Slow fashion is one of the core values of Hoopoo, not just in employing local resources and workers but also in material," Ramadan said. "I handpick the fabrics myself, they have to be both sustainable and high-quality."

The brand is already releasing a new collection next week, which has also been made by a family of three craftswomen who have hand-embroidered the designs on the pieces. Hoopoo is now available for orders on their Instagram page.