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Nike Releasing New Sneakers Inspired by Ancient Egyptian God

The new kicks feature gold detailing and hieroglyphs.

Kyrie 6

Inspired by Khepri, the ancient scarab god who moved the sun across the sky, the Concepts x Nike collaboration has given birth to the Kyrie 6. The new sneakers are Egyptian-themed from A-Z, decked with iterations that pay homage to the ancient deity, while its grade-school counterpart references the treasures found in Pharaonic tombs.

The collaboration, represented by NBA star Kyrie Irving, offers a two-sneaker release. The Kyrie 6 line features the adult 'Khepri' colourway, which has a coral and periwinkle colour scheme that incorporates the use of hieroglyphs and a sunrise hue that draws from its namesake's domain.


The line will also release the 'Golden Mummy' colourway. The grade-school sneakers draw inspiration from the Valley of the Mummies, which is adorned with gold folded accents that mimic sand dunes, a turquoise check inspired by a scarab's holographic shell, and hieroglyphic 'engravings'. There is even an elegant pattern that's reminiscent of the Hand of Fatima on the back.

This isn’t the first Kyrie sneaker to feature heavy Ancient Egyptian influences. The Kyrie 5 ‘Ikhet’ sneaker also featured distinctly Egyptian designs such as the Eye of Horus. The colours were inspired by sand while the tongue of the sneaker was meant to emulate the now-decayed nose of the Sphinx. The limited edition shoes will be released on December 27th in New York and Boston, however there is no confirmation if they will be released in Egypt.

Would you like to pick up a pair of these kicks? What are your feelings on Nike putting Ancient Egyptian symbols on their shoes? Let us know in the comments below.