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Nile Eyewear's Summer Collection Will Have You Taste the Sun and it's a Mouthful of Colour

If your optical wardrobe needs an update, check out this local eyewear designer for some summer accessories.

With winter close to bidding us farewell and summer poking its tanned head, beach season is right around the corner. Naturally, one of our top priorities other than working on formet el Sahel and finding the perfect beach attire, is having the matching sunglasses to go with them - because, ultimately, isn’t that what summer is all about? Fashionable shades to match our vogue flip-flops hailing from straight off the runaway. 

Nile - the first Egyptian eyewear brand which was founded in 2012 - like, totally gets us and they're catering to our Sahel fashion needs with their latest collection, which is bringing us all the colors under the sun (pun intended) to match our beach coordinated wardrobe and our city style too. With colors spanning from yellow, to pink to blue to orange, Nile has even revived the old school look, with gold plated chains hanging down from your shades. Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about your little ones.

Dubbing itself a family brand, Nile eyewear stays true to it’s slogan of providing eyewear for all age groups by including matching eyewear for you and your kids ( not with the chain though, maybe next line!) in their soon to be launched line. While the matching sunglasses aren't customizable, Nile does have a varied selection to pick from. 

Not forgetting the whackier ones of us, they’re designing sunglasses to match destinations. So, if you’re going on a trip to Dubai, why not rock your new Burj El Arab shades? No? How about pyramid-shaped shades for your trip to the Sphinx? 

It's no surprise that they'd come up with sunglasses per destination though, as the eyewear brand is constantly bringing its patrons innovative and quirky styles and going head to head with some of the top brands in its creativity. Having previously experimented with differed designs and shape and fashioning sunglasses with velvet contours and edgy geometric shapes, this is a brand to look out for.   

Positioning itself as a top quality brand but with affordable prices, Nile aims to have its brand be synonymous with eyewear. No easy feat to be sure but they’ve already established themselves as the first egyptian eyewear brand to get recognition internationally. Having already showcased their products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bali, their next targets are London, Milan and the far East. And they're going all out with their latest collection, where they've replaced the carbon fiber material that makes up the glasses with a lighter material, the latest in the market. And because no fashionable pair of sunglasses is complete without an equally stylish box, Nile-eyewear is rebranding its packaging to include top notch quality.

Alas, eyewear isn't just about beach fashion, and Nile knows that, for those of us who actually need to wear glasses - you know, to be able to read, watch TV and actually see things. With Nile, those of us with impaired vision get to look stylish too. Oh and so do our little ones as they've recently introduced stylish optical eyewear for kids.


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