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Nob Designs Are Out of This World With This Supernova Collection

It's like ET's dreams coming true.

Nob Designs

Nob Designs’ newest FW19 collection, ‘Welcome to Earth’, have swept us off our feet and sent us flying past the stratosphere. The collection features pieces that founder Ahmed Nabil imagines the alien Nob Girls would be rocking if they landed on our planet.

“My inspiration comes from my late grandmother, who will always be one of my biggest influences. I was going through some of her stuff when I found some material that she used for research, as she was a highly respectable writer who wrote about science and technology,” Nabil told CairoScene. “I was mesmerized by the photos. They were all vintage shots taken in space of rockets taking off, astronauts, and satellites.”

This was how the Egyptian (and it is, indeed, 100% made in Egypt - not to encourage any stereotypes about ancient aliens) brand’s latest collection was brought to life, hence the title ‘Welcome to Earth’. Looking and probably feeling like something straight out of a science fiction movie, the touch of astrophysical avant-garde these designs bring to our closets is priceless.

"Nob Girls are here to rule, they're here to support other girls and show them how to dress up as themselves and how to be comfortable in their own skin,” Nabil said.

Known for his out-there collections that get people looking twice, Nob Designs was first launched in 2014, with Nabil acting as the sole hands behind the brand. Regarding them as his unique signature and a form of expression, Nabil's collections are all inspired by phases in his life.

You can find Nob Designs on Facebook, Instagram and through pre-set appointments on their email.