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Nob Designs Releases SS18 Collection 'Reset Transmission'

Inspired by his own creativity block, Ahmed Nabil makes a dazzling comeback.

There comes a time in every artist's life when the seemingly endless flow of creativity comes to a staggering halt. They struggle to figure out where they stand, their identities, and how to take they see themselves stepping into the future. This couldn't be more true when the talk is about fashion designers. With fashion trends changing faster than the colours of the sky on an acid trip, keeping up with the times is crucial. But so is finding one's true input in the fast-changing industry, which is the challenge up and coming designer Ahmed Nabil took heads on in Nob Design's SS18 collection, Reset Transmission."A while ago, I found myself unable to figure out what the next step for Nob Designs should be, all I wanted is to hit the reset button, which is what this collection is about," explains Ahmed Nabil. "I'm becoming a different person and my head has been all over the place, and this collection is a representation of that."

Not one to shy away from the lights, Nabil decided to channel his inner rebellion into the collection, hitting us with stunning, durable pieces which are just as good by the beach as they are as one gets down and dirty at the club at night. "You don't wear my pieces to hide in the crowd. You wear them to stand out and make a statement."

To bring his vision to life, Nabil decided to take on the role of a photographer for the dazzling shoot in which Reset Transmission was released, check it out:

Photography & Art direction: Ahmed Nabil
Lighting & Retouching: Abdallah Rushdi
Models: Ayah Vergara, Miriam Hegazi, Kerim Nour
MUA: Nesma Ghoneim

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