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Of Scarves and Turbans: Here's Where You Can Get Both This Summer

Sun's out, scarves out as they say - here are a list of the most gorgeous scarves by homegrown brands to complete your summer set-up.

It’s time to drop the likes of the layered scarves because well, winter is over, and opt for the airy and adequately ventilating cottons and chiffons. With forty five degree weather and tasalokhat culture coming back in full throttle there’s only so much our modest majesties can handle. And so we’re here to spread it all out with a list of the most gorgeous local scarf brands...  


If you’re a hijabi in Egypt, you probably own an EMMA scarf. Actually, you’re also very likely to have bought your mother EMMA scarves for every special occasion of the year. Whether you’re looking for solids or patterns, cotton or silk, you’re bound to find everything you desire for a sweat-free experience in this ridiculous summer heat and a guaranteed (and gorgeous) elevation of your look. 

BFE World

While BFE World produces turbans in solid colours only, they definitely serve us looks with their diverse selection of textures. Feeling like your look is bold enough to only warrant a black or white cotton turban? They’ve got you. Wearing a monochrome outfit that needs a bit of sprucing up? Their selection of mesh-like overlay turbans will add the appropriate amount of spice. They’re tried and tested, and we know they do not slide off, no matter how much you sweat babe. 


Ashrima’s latest collection is a boho chic dream come true. With their tribal patterns, airy chiffon material, and fantastic width, you’re guaranteed an experience that is free of frantically pulling down your scarf from where it lodged itself above your bun by the windy Sahel beach. You’re on the beach to enjoy yourself and look hot - mess not included - so spread your delicate chiffon wings and let the wind catch them in movie-like reverie.

BE Empire

If you’re feeling playful this summer, you’re better off diving head-first into BE Empire’s shop before making any plans to do actual diving. Not only are they known for their fiercely fun patterns, but their latest collection is giving dreamy-stargazing but also witchy vibes, and we’re here for it. Not only do they cover your options for those hot summer mornings, but also your late-night outings at the Lakeyard. 


This newly-launched local brand is coming on strong. Their debut collection is obviously nature-inspired, but it’s going hardcore on the colors, fusing greens and reds and yellows and blues in absolutely stunning patterns. Their scarves can be worn as head scarves but also as waist-wraps or pseudo-tops.

TLG Fashion Studio

TLG Fashion Studio is definitely an established local brand that caters to all things modest; from clothing to turbans and head scarves. Their silk scarves are to-die-for, they’re done in these stunning pastel fusions, some of which are done through the implementation of symbols. They’re available in a rectangular and square size, leaving it up to you to style and wear as you see fit. What’s equally amazing is that they have a collection of patterned turbans, which we so rarely see, they’re surely the perfect application of a pop of colour to your basic all-black outfit.