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Okhtein's #CandyLikeCairo Campaign

The effortless bag brand's new summer backpack is certainly turning heads thanks to the awesome technicolour campaign behind it. Check out the awesome candy-hued photos here.

Local brand Okhtein systematically delivers insanely covetable new collections. And this time around is no exception. The brand has just released their Mini Weave bags, which are the latest, most summery reincarnation of their Palmette backpack.

In tune with the season, their best-selling bag went through a little transformation; the general aesthetic and shape remain the same but gone is the all-leather coating replaced by sections of invisible paneling; the deep hues exchanged for a light, fresh pastel palette. They got a summer makeover, essentially.

But the brand is taking the festive-hued metamorphosis up a notch; Okhtein are taking to the streets of Cairo, and digitally colourising the greyscale hue that saturates the city with their #CandyLikeCairo campaign. They’ve taken the Mini Weave out to the streets, snapped it in front of everything and anything, and then digitally flooded that photo with colour! Their feed currently looks like the inside of Willy Wonka’s head. “We wanted to spread positivity through the Mini Weave’s new colours,” Mounaz Abdel Raouf, co-founder of the brand tells us. And now, they’re calling on Cairenes to do the same.  

Take a cool shot of Cairo, and then test your Photoshop skills by digitally injecting colours into the photo. Instagram your pic, hashtag #CandyLikeCairo and @okhtein and their favourite one wins themselves a free Mini Weave! Get snapping…


You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @okhtein.