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Outshine the Egyptian Summer with These Homegrown Shades

With summer fast approaching, we need some stylish shades to face it head-on. Here are the local brands who make the sleekest sunglasses.

The sun is out and our hoodies have been pushed to the back of our closets. Our ‘hot girl summer’ is in full effect and we need some new shades to complement our emergence from the cocoon. Luckily, we know just the spots (and where you can find them on Instagram)...

NILE EYEWEAR // @nileeyewear

Founded in 2012, Nile Eyewear is one of Egypt’s oldest glasses brands, offering a range of shades from the classic aviator to bright orange spectacles.

JAZZY // @byjazzy

This brand’s practical designs come with coy, playful touches of colour, making for a versatile and sassy selection.

AMR SAAD // @amrsaadartisan

Known for their whimsy, these artisanal shades are a favourite among local celebs.

JAY EGYPT // @jay_egypt

Located in D Store at Cairo Festival City, Jay is a home to a myriad of homegrown brands and features a wall dedicated entirely to shades.


OKHTEIN // @okhtein

Famed luxury bag brand Okhtein uses their signature accents in a small collection of edgy sunglasses that have been spotted on a host of local and global celebs.