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These Gorgeous Tassel Earrings are Making Waves Around the World

What do Amina Khalil, Donia Samir Ghanem, Heba Serag Eldin, Sherine Hamdy and Hana El Awady have in common? Papaya's tassel earrings in their jewellery boxes is the correct answer.

Trend alert: tassel earrings

In keeping with this season's 'more is more' mantra, tassel earrings are the new standard for ‘It Girls’ and we have to admit, they do look absolutely stunning.

Papayas, a new Egyptian jewellery brand, specialising in tassel earrings that hang from beautiful Swarovski stones and bullet-style studs. From vibrant and muted colourways, to the whimsical and dainty, to the detailed and ornate, Papaya’s earrings frame your face beautifully and make it look like you put a lot more effort into your look than you probably did. “I play around with colours, and texture, sometimes I add polyester to the silk tassels for extra shine; other times I mix vintage clasps with modern pieces. There are no rules when it comes to making or wearing jewellery,” tells us Aya Adlan, founder of Papaya.

There are no rules when it comes to making or wearing jewellery

After having studied computer engineering years back, Adlan turned her love for jewellery into a career. “I love tassels, I mean just the way they move. I started making my own earrings, and the next thing I know I’m exhibiting in Fashion Forward in Dubai, it all happened so quickly, less than two months,” says Adlan. Superstars, Amina Khalil and Donia Samir Ghanem and fashion mavens including Heba Serag Eldin, Sherine Hamdy and Hana El Awady have already been spotted in Papaya earrings. To say this brand is killing it would be an understatement - they're already shipping internationally too! “I started receiving orders from abroad, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain and even Canada. I also have my products in retail stores in Beirut,” adds Adlan. We thought these earrings would be very pricey, can you blame us? But they’re actually budget-friendly, ranging from EGP 450 to 800.

These dangly playful designs make a strong finish to any casual or soiree outfit. Check out Papaya’s Instagram page here, and also on Coterique.

Ps. These tassel earrings dance every time you turn your head, so don't forget to get a cute boomerang for your next Instagram post.