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Peace of Art: Unique Jewellery by Youssef Karam Hussein

We delve into the one-of-a-kind treasures, handcrafted by Syrian gold and silversmith Youssef Karam Hussein, and discover inspiration from across the world.

Peace of Art is the apt name Youssef Karam Hussein’s (YKH) meticulously handcrafted, one of a kind jewellery line. The silver/goldsmith crafts his unique items inside his own workshop where he dynamically pursues all kinds of ingenious innate inspirations and extraneously engaging requests.

His creative works are for all genders and range from necklaces, pendants, bracelets, shades, rings and cuffs to cradle holders, key chains, notebooks, puzzle coasters and beyond. Whatever comes his way, in all its artistic potential, he pursues. He even designed a door in one case. The multi-talented artist takes after his father and creates his handmade, sentimental items using silver, gold, brass, copper, wood, leather and glass. He also paints on some of his works, for truly one-of-a-kind pieces. 


YKH uses precious and semi-precious stones, feathers, and recycled materials to fulfil the purpose of his creations. He gathers his inspirations from his hometown of Damascus, along with inspiration from Native Americans in some of his works, and at times incorporate horoscope, space or desert themes. All-off items, none of his products are created twice which makes him quite the distinguished inventor in this line of work.


#Red #devil painted on #canvas #earrings #designed #handcrafted by #YKH #brass #canvas #copper #acrylic

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The existentialist artist began to pursue his dream in 2013 and has already gained quite the fan base and support from local as well as regional media platforms and relative artists. We’re practically in love with his distinct little items and accessories, with each piece having a story and a history behind its creation. 


#designed and #handcrafted by #YKH

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Require more visual orgasms? Check out YKH’s Peace of Art’s Facebook page here, and Instagram here. For orders contact Youssef Karam Hussein via Whatsapp on 00201282209926.