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Pstyled: The Psychology-Driven Fashion Consultancy Service Using AI to Empower Women

With years of fashion psychology experience under her belt, Yasmina Nessim started Pstyled as a means to allow women to not only look their best, but feel their best too.

It was a dark, gloomy day in London, eerily reflective of how Pstyled’s founder, Yasmina Nessim, was feeling at the time. It was Christmas season, and Nessim saw the extent to which her dour psyche and drab clothes clashed with the festivities, an epiphany struck. "Did I put this on because I felt this way, or did I feel this way because I put it on?" Using her Master's degree in Fashion Psychology, Nessim sought to answer this question for herself and others through her company, Pstyled.

“The premise of the company is that we like to style people and recommend outfits based on more intrinsic factors as opposed to extrinsic ones,” Nessim told #CairoScene. “We try to create outfits and looks based on people’s personality traits, emotional fluctuations, goals and lifestyle, as well as what they look like.”

As a hyper-personalised service, Pstyled offers two packages. The first involves a consultation session where they get to know the client, their lifestyle, their average mood, and a brief personality test. Once Pstyled get a better sense of who the client really is, they send them a report that details how they can style using their own wardrobe, and what clothes to look out for in the long-term.

The second package includes a much more intimate, holistic interview process, and access to the Pstyled mobile app. Clients can upload their wardrobes on the app and get style recommendations based on factors like what events they’re going to, or simply based on how they’re feeling that day. 

“Dressing is so much more than just applying a garment of clothes onto your body before you leave the house,” Nessim said. “It’s really a means of self-care, self-love and can be therapeutic in and of itself. It also opens the window to help you become a little bit more introspective, in tune with how you’re feeling and who you are, enabling and empowering you to translate those factors into your surroundings. Each person is so special and we just want everyone to recognise that.” 

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