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Ramla, The Egyptian Shoe Brand Making Chic Truly Effortless

Put some swing in your step with these tassel-topped leather shoes and mules without making your pinkie toes hate your guts.

Who has time for fussy straps and buckles? Not Ramla, a new Egyptian leather shoe brand. They’ve managed to redefine effortless chic with tassel-topped and gold and silver sarma embroidered shoes, that convert to mules. The collapsible back allows you to slip into them – but the back also folds up neatly to look like a traditional loafer.
“While studying in Italy, I would frequently help a friend at a footwear workshop on the weekend. When I came back to Cairo, I combined all my studies in architecture and interior design (because shoes are all about structure) with my experience in that work shop and created the brand,” says Reem Alaa Hamed, founder of Ramla.

For those like us, who are unwilling to cram their feet into uncomfortable heels, for fashion's sake – only to end up with blister woes. Ramla’s shoes are super comfortable and the mule offers one less surface to rub against our feet the wrong way.
We need to take a moment and discuss Ramla’s use of colours. Beige and warm undertones contrast with vibrant embellishments, and turn heads with standout patent patterns fabrics. "I focus on the colour combinations and when last year's best seller was the blue shoe with the orange tassel, I knew I was doing the right thing," adds Hamed. 

Ramla just launched their second collection last Wednesday at Maison 69 – and Hamed took full charge of the interior design inside Maison 69, creating ‘a leather museum experience’. The shoot for the collection took place in Granada, Cordoba, and Malaga and was inspired by the south of Spain’s Islamic heritage. In Ramla’s new collection, Hamed plays around with structure, fabric, tassels, and handmade stitching – and also introduces high and low heel pumps.

Our final verdict: Wear Ramla’s tasselled or embroidered shoes to work, out for dinner, or to your next formal event and they’ll steal the show. Prices start at 1,000 EGP and while some pairs are more on the expensive side, they’re so worth it.

Check out Ramla's Instagram account here