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Rebel Cairo’s Limited Edition Fayrouz-Inspired Totes are Raising Funds for Beirut

Designed after Fayrouz’s iconic ‘Le Beirut’ song, 100% of the proceeds from Rebel Cairo’s latest tote bag will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Cairo’s trendy destination for statement scarves has redirected its creative energies towards a bigger cause. Launching their very first tote bag design,  Rebel Cairo has released their newest product with the goal of helping victims of the Beirut explosion.

With the use of a tasteful reference to one of Fayrouz’s most iconic songs, 'Le Beirut', the local label released a bag design that serves as an ode to the Lebanese capital. “It felt wrong to proceed with our collection as normal without acknowledging what just happened in Beirut," designer and founder Dara Hassanein told #CairoScene. "We realized we needed to contribute so we asked our customers what they thought we should do. We were dealing with a time constraint, so in order to merge all the suggestions we received we decided to make a tote bag. We saw a lot of social posts referencing Fayrouz’s song, and it just clicked.”

Although this release won’t be resulting in a tote bag collection anytime soon, this limited edition product will see every single cent donated to the Lebanese Red Cross, with Rebel keeping zero of the proceeds to themselves. “What is special is that the bag’s design is going to be a constant reminder that you were proactive in helping this cause,” Hassanein said.

The bags come in a limited quantity, and will start being shipped out this weekend. They are now available on for EGP150.