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Reform's REBEL Collection Turns Plastic Trash into Glamorous Bags

Reform Studio's new REBEL collection slaps a tag on each piece, showing you exactly what it's made of: dozens of plastic bags, and hours of human craftsmanship.

reform studio

What can you get with 100 plastic bags? Just a huge pile of garbage, right? Just a gross mountain of trash to inevitably be dumped in the desert and set on fire to create a huge pillar of toxic smog? That's the obvious answer; that's all most of us can see when we look at them. But Egyptian lifestyle brand Reform Studio sees something different.

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has been an awful time for an awful lot of reasons. But months of lockdown had shown us what can happen when the daily routines of human activity - the commutes to work, the wasteful nights out at the restaurants, the constant international travel - become a little more limited, and how nature can flourish as a result. Inspired by nature's inadvertent return to form during lockdown, Reform Studio took it as a wake-up call. And this call found its form through their latest collection, REBEL.

Imagine buying a glamorous, beautifully crafted bag, the perfect accessory for your autumn/winter outfit. But it comes with a tag that shows you exactly what it's made of: dozens of plastic bags and hours of human craftsmanship. That's what the REBEL collection is all about. Not just sustainability; that's just a matter of course for Reform Studio since designers Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem found it in 2012. REBEL is an active movement, one that lets you give back directly while making a statement. Each piece is handmade by locals craftsmen and housewives, eschewing mass production for a more conservationist method of manufacturing.

You can find Reform Studio's collection on