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Rockport's Terrific Shoe Technology

We get to know the cutting-edge technology that makes each pair of Rockport shoes both comfortable and durable. Find out more for a chance to win a goodie bag from the footwear giants...

Style is as important as comfort, especially when it comes to footwear. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and we all know that a chic, trendy yet professional image is incomplete without the right pair of shoes. This begs the question: is there more to life than a really ridiculously good looking pair of shoes? Step in Rockport, a brand that knows exactly what you're looking for. Read on for a chance to win the bundle of goodies, including a tote bag, an iPad case, a 150LE Rockport voucher and a nifty little USB stick, as pictured above...

Whilst looking good, a fashionable shoe, whether blister inducing or toe crippling, is often a burden. However thanks to Rockport's innovation and experience, your feet are being gifted with fashion and feeling good. Characterised by the shock absorbing adiPRENE technology and designed by athletic shoe gurus Adidas, Rockport produces shoes with a philosophy in mind; style, versatility, flexibility and durability.

From board room meetings to hiking trips, Rockport shoes have versatility in mind and thus will be your faithful companions for all occasions. Being on your feet all day is exhausting, being caught in a rain shower is miserable and on top of it all you need to dress to impress. Rockport's variety of dress shoes does it all. Made with sport technology in every step cushioning those sensitive and over-exerted heels of ours, Hydro-Shield waterproof technology to keep our socks dry, a breathable footbed and a non-slip rubber outsole (to protect us from falling on those slippery office floors that are most definitely out to get us), your professional and your nightlife look is not complete without a pair of Lite Men Wingtip Shoes. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the days of rocking up to that last minute meeting in embarrassingly inappropriate footwear or being rejected by bouncers for shabby shoes are no longer!

And for women who enjoy being on the move and experiencing life? Well, it turns out beauty and professionalism do mix with the instant glove like fit of Rockport's Total Motion Women's High Heel. No longer will your day be filled with the constant throbbing of your toes due to the tight prison of your shoe, for Total Motion is lightweight and provides flexibility, stability and, dare we say it, comfort. With foam cushioning, shock absorption and a footbed, these heels provide us with that instant 'Ahhh'. A heel with built in sport technology that helps provide energy rebound in that much overused forefoot and absorbs shock in the heel, this is the ideal shoe for all ladies looking to live more. Whereas before our desire to look chic helped us persevere in our heels, now it is flexibility getting us through the day.

If adventure is your name and travelling and hiking is your game, then Rockport's active shoes have you covered. Highly mobile with walkability (pretty essential) and timelessness in mind, the Union Street Men's Boot is ideal for those looking to project himself as the active and motivated man. Crafted for all day comfort durability, its sole with tread design provides impressive grip on a variety of surfaces, whilst also delivering great cushioning with a bounce. This boot will get you anywhere you seek safely and with effortless style.

The combination of innovative technology and style is what makes Rockport a unique shoe for all occasions, designed for the modern entrepreneur, clubber and even hiker in all of us. Comfort and style; who'd have thought?

To be in with a chance of winning the Rockport goodie bag use Facebook to comment below with the answer to the following question:

Which shock-absorbing technology has Rockport adopted?

Good luck!