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Sadu Designs: Handcrafted Heritage

We came across the latest bag brand to hit the city, Sadu Designs, which creates gorgeous handmade pieces laden with geometric patterns in warm earthy tones...

A little history lesson here - are you ready? Al-Sadu is an ancient, Bedouin tribal weaving craft that, through woven geometric patterns and symbols, conveys the Arabian nomadic people's rich cultural heritage. Don't say we never taught you anything. 

There's a new trend in Egyptian fashion that has been emerging over the past few years and we're loving it. Creatives in the world of fashion and culture are taking an appreciation for tribal Arab culture, and actively incorporating elements of it in their contemporary designs. One such brand that is drawing on rich heritage and re-creating it for the modern day, is new bag brand Sadu.  

When it comes to fashion, bags are key. You can instantly tell what kind of person a woman is by looking at her bag; whether she’s artistic, edgy, formal, simple, or sporty. Also, let's all be honest as women here; where the hell would we jam our keys, broken eyeliner, various useless receipts, and all the other random crap we carry around for absolutely no reason but still feel we can't live without, if not our bags? Moral of the story: bags are important.

If you love bags as much as we do, and you like carrying around something that has an authentic element, then you will definitely fall in love with this brand. Sadu designs are all about handcrafted authentic bags in Egypt that are designed for casual wear. Featuring tribal prints and warm, earthy tones, the brand has very comfortable down-to-earth bohemian aesthetic to it. So far they've only released a few designs but we can't wait to see more.

Check out their Instagram here.