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Samar Saied Couture Unzips Dividing Line Between Art And Fashion

Fashion designer Samar Saied seeks inspiration in art and architecture for her unique fashion lines, a style bold yet unprecedented.

If we’re going to be honest, most of us imagine artists as boho-looking messes with bushy long hair, big glasses, sandals, and an eccentric (perhaps even pretentious and overly dramatic) attitude. While we're wrong to assume that’s how artists usually dress, assuming no fashion sense in the creatives among us, the worlds of art and fashion inevitably collide – particularly in one of the most interesting and creative fashion lines we've seen lately. 

Egypt-born Samar Saied's couture is where modern art is fused into modern fashion, creating unique pieces wrapped in an artistic fashion statement. Models appearing with their faces painted as if like comic book heroes, and skirts showing the very boldly coloured streaks of these finished works of art, draw the viewer’s attention to an interesting mixture of fashion and fine art.

Samar Saied, founder of the three-yea-old line tells us that she had not intended on turning fashion into her career but was only learning the ways of fashion for fun. “People’s welcoming feedback of my designs afterwards encouraged me to start a career,” she recounts.
“I love colours,” says the artistic fashion designer. “I love designing a happy dress with a unique an artistic design. And because I also love art, I’m always trying to mix architecture with art as well as fashion.” In fact, Saied hand paints the artwork on the fabric individually using fabric paint, making wearing them practical.

People have expressed their appreciation of her new approach, commenting on the use of unconventional and new colours. In her upcoming fashion line, Saied will be incorporating drawings, patterned blocks, and more vivid colours, but will be making less use of sketches and drawings than she did before. “Some people might be timid or shy away from wearing dresses with drawings on them, and so I’m hoping to make this line more accessible to them,” she shares.

Saied is sure that her unique style will constantly keep evolving, and that even though the defined image of her fashion line has yet to be completely crystalised, she will always enjoy incorporating colourful graphics and architectural inspiration into her artsy fashion lines.

For more about the fashion line, you can check out Samar Saied Coutoure's Facebook page or Instagram @samarsaied.