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Sandbox: Bold Accessories That Tell A Story

Telling a tale of boldness and strength, Sandbox's latest collection – Rising From The Ruins – embodies strength, resilience, and beauty.

Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, if there's one thing that completes an outfit, it's the jewellery that goes with it. Subtle and simple or edgy and bold, jewellery makes the final statement when it comes to your outfit. Sandbox understands the subtle game-changer one small accessory can be for an entire ensemble, and how it can tell tales of a person's character – especially with their new collection, Rising From The Ruins. These timeless handmade pieces were, surprisingly enough, inspired by recent Middle Eastern war ruins. ”I began sketching designs drawn from the skeletons of these ruined buildings. I took destruction and gave it a new life within something beautiful that most (if not all women) admire: jewellery,” designer Suhayla El Sheikh tells us.
We all know that chokers may seem slightly vulgar sometimes if not worn with the right attire; however, Sandbox combines sterling silver with petite precious stones that come together nicely to create chic wearable art. Their progressive and sculptural designs, such as their dangly earrings and chokers that gracefully wind around your neck, contain a sharp style gives each outfit an edge. “My first collection was inspired by the Sumerian Empire – the empire that invented geometry and the wheel. The designs themselves were drawn and inspired from the geometrical shapes used back then within their alphabets, as they incorporated their invention of geometry,” El Sheikh explains. So the aesthetic of the brand is based on geometric shapes; for example, one piece is what we can only grasp to be a palm bracelet that wraps around your hand and fingers to create an eye-catching and daring look. “At one point between the middle and the end of last year (2015), my social media pages became bombarded with disturbing war zone images in the Middle East. I wanted to help revive what has been destroyed. Just like these images and stories register in our minds, the hope and the concept of rebirth that I want to bring could register in the minds of people who may or may not have been victims to such atrocities. This is my own simplest form of helping,” El Sheikh reveals.
“The collection is presented in the form of a story line that is developing with each image. The story is about two ladies who have risen together from a war zone, and hand-in-hand are on their way to an unknown safe haven,” El Sheikh reveals.

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