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Sandbox's New Collection Celebrates Nature's Power

SANDBOX Jewelry’s latest collection ‘Vivid’ envisions a future without the interference of man-made chaos.

Cairo-based jewellery house SANDBOX Jewelry has unveiled a new collection that counters the chaos of life in the capital, or tries to, at least. The ’VIVID’ collection envisions a future where nature reclaims its power over man-made structures, like the glittering city lights and overwhelming billboards that pollutes our cityscape.

Founder and designer of SANDBOX, Suhayla Al Sheikh, helps us escape into mental serenity through her designs through her collection, which heavily integrates bamboo trees, kudzu plants and bumble bees.

The pieces are handcrafted and molded from sterling silver and feature patterned cutouts from a billboard assemblage and abstract bamboo and kudzu silhouettes, along with their new signature bee design. The collection boasts a spirited selection of rings, necklaces, ear cuffs, a bracelet, a bobby pin, a sunglass chain, earrings, and a statement brooch.

Green malachite stones, royal blue lapis lazuli stones, yellow zircon stones and white cultured pearls make up the collection’s pieces, all being colours that reflect the beauty of nature, making wearable works of art that represent a soothing sensory experience.