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Sara Elemary: Queen of the Harem Pants

The hot summer air is hitting Cairo, and we've finally figured out our go-to wardrobe: Sara Elemary harem pants – all day, erryday!

It's that strange not-winter-not-yet-summer season where afternoons call for tank tops and evenings require turtlenecks. You go to work about to break a sweat and then, come nighttime, it's so chilly you’re looking for a hole to crawl into. Egypt has always been a land of polar extremes of every kind, hasn't it? The question remains, as we stare at our closets every morning: what can we wear for an entire 12 hours around here without sweating or shivering? 

On our search for somewhat of a middle ground that doesn't entail shorts that'll leave us freezing at night (and heckled at any time of day) nor tight jeans that seem to develop an inseparable bond with our legs in the heat, we discovered Sara Elemary's Instagram account. Yes, many of our quests are conducted on the perilous battlegrounds Instagram; it's not easy. While Elemary designs all sorts of Boho-chic pieces, it's definitely her harem pants that stood out – no, not because they alluded to a whole new world. It's because they're that mix of flowy, comfortable, and breezy – and they're still pants! Conclusion: if it's warm out, we’ll be comfortable; if it's cold out, we’ll be safe. Win-win situation.

These pants are also perfect for any gal who has a slim upper body; the shape of these trousers level the overall body shape. If you really want to emphasise the waist, tuck in your blouse, and you’ll have a body like an hourglass. Make sure to wear a belt or cinch the waist if you opt to wear a loose top. You don’t want to look like a potato, now, do you? With most of the designs being white lace and linen, some create a goddess-like illusion.

Side note: if you’re a huge fan of MC Hammer, you can easily pull off his look with these pants. You’re welcome.

Check out her Instagram page here.