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Scandal in Downtown Cairo: This New Fashion Shoot Featuring Norshek Fawzy Has Everyone Talking

From the hustle and bustle of Downtown Cairo onto Norshek Fawzy, Scandal-wear has emerged as the city's new favourite scandalous streetwear brand.

If Shonda Rhimes knew the theme of her hit TV show Scandal would someday end up in the illustrious streets of Downtown Cairo, in a unique sartorial adaptation, she probably would’ve written it a long time ago. But while Ms. Rhimes was busy dreaming up ways to make the show relevant again, an up-and-coming Egyptian fashion designer swooped in with her own spin on scandal.  

Shaimaa Hamdy may not be a household name yet, but her newly launched clothing brand, Scandal-wear, sure seems to be getting there. Bursting into the fashion scene with a first collection that has everyone talking, Hamdy’s first batch of wardrobe candy sets the tone for her brand.Bombastic yet simple, playful and urban yet elegant, the collection really comes to life in Scandal-wear’s debut fashion shoot. With Downtown Cairo in the background and the nation’s favourite super mum, fitness guru, and entrepreneur Norshek Fawzy, Scandal-wear makes a bold entrance into Cairo’s rambunctious fashion scene. “I went with Norshek because she’s not your typical fashion model. I mean, yes, she’s interested in fashion, but she’s different,” Hamdy says.

The admiration was reciprocated by Fawzy, who seems quite in her element in the shoot, effortlessly blending in with her surroundings and Hamdy’s gorgeous designs. “The brand is comfy yet dressy, which is kind of like Downtown in that it’s so rich, but it’s also easy on the eyes,” she says. “It’s not complicated, but there is culture behind it. Scandal’s collection kind of gives you the same vibe.”  Hamdy has more than just sketches in her arsenal. The young designer is also armed with a strong sense of self that makes her designs accessible to Egypt’s average Joes and Janes (Yes, Joes too!) – not only by offering affordable, fashionable apparel, but also by instilling a sense of community into her brand identity. “And I chose Downtown Cairo because it reflects the nature of the brand, it combines history and elegance, but it’s also street,” Hamdy explains. “This is a local brand, I want people to look at it and say, ‘this is Egyptian’, but we can still make it modern.”     
Hamdy is bringing an entirely new proposition to the table here; an accessible local fashion brand – a feat that has long eluded Egypt’s fashion industry. Whether Scandal-wear blossoms into an all Egyptian H&M has yet to be seen, but for now, we’ll settle for this fresh, breezy gust addition to Cairo’s street fashion.

Video and photos courtesy of Scandal-wear.
Check out Scandal-wear on Facebook and Instagram @scandal_wear.

The location is property of Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment @DowntownCairo and can be rented through Dakhli West ElBalad, whose Facebook page you can check out here.