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Shahdan Clutches: Vibrant and Unique

Established in 2010, Shahdan Lotfy's line of handmade and intricately decorated clutches continue to capture our imaginations. Here she talks about her statement making pieces and the sources of her inspiration.

Everywhere you look, everyone is starting to look the same, spending fortunes on brand names only to look like clones of one another. It’s rather sad, and it most certainly isn’t being fashionable. “To know how to create…this is fashion,” says Shahdan Lotfy, founder of Shahdan Clutches, a vibrant and funky line of bags. 

Clutches have made a remarkable comeback, with many finding them to be more fashionable than bags, including Lotfy herself saying, “they’re eye catching and add more to an outfit than a bag.”

There is certainly a charm about them in the fact that they are items of paradox. On the one hand, they give off a nonchalant ‘I couldn’t be bothered’ vibe, and yet they tend to be bursting with colour, creativity and intricate designs that say otherwise. It is this very paradox that makes them so elegant and unique.

Launched in 2010, Lotfy’s clutches are all handmade by herself. She finds inspiration in literally anything from a fabric that stands out from others, to Egyptian culture, to odd objects she comes across that she uses as a base for one design or another. For the designer, nothing is planned. Everything is a spontaneous creation based on inspiration. You can see this sense of freedom and individuality in her colorful, funky line of clutches.

According to her, a clutch is so powerful as a fashion statement that “a whole outfit can be built on a clutch” rather than vice versa. Through her clutches, Shahdan makes a statement to the world of fashion; “always stand out, always be eye catching, always be unique.”

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @shahdanclutches.