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Sherine Hussein Designs Transforms Traditional Dresses Into Contemporary Masterpieces

Much like the roaring 20s, Sherine Hussein Designs becomes bold by transforming typical dresses into contemporary Arabian designs that you'd actually want to wear.

How about a quick history lesson? It’s about fashion – don’t worry. Did you know: women’s fashion dramatically changed in the 1920s following World War I. Does ‘the roaring 20s’ sound familiar? That’s why. It was during this era that women started dressing in new and colourful fabrics that reflected the joy felt when the war ended. Fashion is a form of communication, you know. The dresses were a lot lighter – in terms of material, that is. Much like the 1920s, Sherine Hussein Designs creates dresses that are just as show-stopping; although they differ in materials, they have that same 1920s boldness. Will she revolutionise fashion just like the roaring 20s?

Fashion designers in the 1920s experimented with brighter and shorter dresses, and incorporated different patterns and textures as well. Sherine Hussein Designs reflects these ideas with her beautiful dresses; however, she adds a little Arabian twist to them. Furthermore, she also experiments with different lengths; some dresses are long and poofy like the good ol’ days, and some follow the same idea as the 1920s and are short.
In the city that never sleeps, fashion never sleeps, either. We’ve all seen fashion trends slowly rise with brands like Tori Burch and Ted Baker, but the recent trend is that of local brands that truly have a authentic feel, much like Sherine Hussein Designs. Just look at the picture; it looks like a modern girl from Disney’s Aladdin! Wouldn't you agree? As the 1920s fashionistas explored different colours, so does Hussein. Most of her designs are tame; however, she will surprise you with a few vibrant designs.

Check out her Instagram page here and Facebook page here.