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Slickr Has It: The E-Commerce Launch Cairo Was Waiting For

Sartorial social networking site Slickr has just launched an e-commerce section with an exciting new campaign, featuring some of the city's most stylish citizens. We speak to the founders and get the inside scoop and the exclusive first look...

Slickr, the fashion social network that has been shaking up the fashion scene in Egypt now takes its social shopping concept to life, as it inaugurates their long awaited e-commerce platform, where users will be able to browse through 80 stores across Egypt, discover new inspiration, and get the items delivered at their doorstep with a simple click.

Launching the platform with the exciting #SlickrHasIt campaign, the fashion networking site inaugurates a new era in the industry where browsing, shopping and sharing on social media are all part of the same experience.  The stores range from Egypt’s top designer brands such as Vintique Boutique, A Necklace a Day, J's Designs, Villa Baboushka, Bardees, Zang, and Okhtein to international giants such as Timberland, Levi's, Quicksilver, or Vans, which will be available in the coming days. “Whatever their style is, whatever they feel like wearing, from gowns to beach wear, to bags and shoes, they can now buy it on Slickr,” says the company’s co-founder María Sánchez Muñoz. The company is launching with a fun new campaign featuring some famous - and very stylish - faces around the city including models such Zeynab Azzam and Suzan Idris, fashion bloggers like Berna Ibrahim and Radwa El Ziki, and a myriad of other sartorially-savvy people across the city, from different walks of life. 


The shopping process is simple: after logging on the website, users select "Go Shopping", browse through the stores or items, and pick their favourite ones. They can select size, colour and other details and add them to cart, receiving a notification via e-mail and the item within a week. Payment options include pay cash on delivery. Available across Egypt, the feature will soon be also take off internationally, as founders Muñoz and her partner Mohamed Tarek are already looking towards enabling international purchases in the coming weeks.

The first of its kind in Egypt and abroad, launching an e-commerce site grounded on social networking posed many challenges, the entrepreneurs say. “Being able to launch and develop an online-first product and then build a really strong brand around it was our main challenge. In order to be successful as an ecommerce platform you need to build trust first so members feel comfortable when buying from your platform. We believe we successfully positioned Slickr as the fashion network and now we are introducing online shopping once we have been able to gather a good number of loyal subscribers,” Muñoz says. “Also, being able to understand the market segment you are targeting is a challenge and an essential part of the success.  In the case of Egypt, the market is quite fragmented so we needed to know very well those we are targeting so we can optimise the user experience for them.”

With this feature, the platform sets out to become the number one social destination for all fashion lovers, where members can easily browse, share, and buy items, post new products, and follow members and stores. The team is also working on the Slickr app, aiming to launch it before the end of the year. “The app is aimed at a global market so we need to take into consideration more factors to offer a never-seen-before product that fits the need of a global audience,” Muñoz adds.

Follow Slickr on Facebook and Instagram, and keep up with their campaign trough the hashtags #SlickrHasIT and #ShopSocial.