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Slickr Picks Up Your Unwanted Clothes For a Massive Ramadan Campaign

The fashion social network proves that the industry is about more than flashy labels and expensive items with a special Ramadan donation campaign. We speak to co-founder Maria Muñoz to find out more about how you can take part.

After stepping into the European market with a promising tour through its fashion tech capital, London, Cairo’s buzzing social network Slickr now launches The Basket, a campaign aimed at gathering second-hand clothes throughout Ramadan to be distributed amongst Egypt’s less fortunate.

Demonstrating the startup’s commitment to local communities on a national scale, Slickr sets out to spread the Ramadan spirit through the fashion industry, inviting Cairene residents to donate their unwanted garments through an exciting procedure: the social network has set up an online store - which will be open until July 15th - to allow users to virtually drop off their unwanted clothes by taking a snap of the item and tagging it #TheBasket.

In partnership with Alashanak Ya Balady (AYB), and VIA AUC (Volunteers in Action), Slickr will then pick up the clothes and distribute them across different neighbourhoods of the Egyptian capital. “In a city like Cairo, where millions are in need, we believe we carry a responsibility towards them. And this is why we decided to launch The Basket. We really wanted to show that the fashion industry is not only vain and wasteful but can also be socially committed and responsible,” says the startup’s co-founder María Muñoz.

“Why now? We wanted to take advantage of the month of Ramadan to make the best out of this campaign. Ramadan is considered a time for spirituality and people usually make an extra effort to help others,” she adds, pointing out to the needed of a broader involvement of the fashion industry in philanthropist initiatives.

“Brands could definitely help this Ramadan by also donating the leftovers of their collections. But they have a bigger role here; they should make an effort to identify eco-sustainable or ethical fabrics, demonstrate social responsible practices, and establish socially responsible businesses,” she tells CairoScene.

How can you join the campaign? The process is simple: users can sign up on, upload a photo of the garment they will donate and tag it #TheBasket. Slickr will then contact each user via email in order to pick up the items in collaboration with AYB, AUC VIA and Cilantro, distributing them among underprivileged families across Cairo.

Last month, Muñoz and co-founder Mohamed Tarek stepped into Europe's competitive market through a tour across London, and they are cooking some fresh exciting news in the coming couple of months, Muñoz explains.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram via the hashtag #TheBasket.