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Spotless Dry Cleaning: Guardians of Egypt's Wardrobes

Spotless can turn back the clock on those shoes you've had since high school.

People would give anything to go back in time and reverse its steadfast and unforgiving forward trajectory, but, unfortunately, time travel only exists in a fictional realm of science for now – thanks a lot, Einstein. So, in order to cope with the physics of this universe, we resort to mushy concepts like clean slates and fresh starts as if starting over undoes what has already been done to our now cellulite-infested thighs or overly tweezed eyebrows.

We do know of one place where time travel is real: Spotless Dry Cleaning, your one stop shop for sartorial rescue. “We do things that no other dry cleaners do, we clean everything; shoes, handbags, suitcases, kid's toys, strollers...” Spotless Founder Geilan El Narsh tells CairoScene. “We can even remove stains from suede and leather.”

And we are not just talking about cleanliness and godliness - Spotless will literally reverse years of damage with services ranging from patchwork to sewing to alterations to dyeing. “Sometimes you’ll have a really dirty pair of shoes but are afraid to clean them because it may result in discolouration, so that’s why we offer dying services,” El Narsh says. “We dye shirts, skirts, shoes, everything. It’s great because we all have this one gown we wore to this one wedding and now we can’t wear it again. This technique allows you to recycle your clothes!” El Narsh adds.

You may literally be able to avoid shopping forever, unless you put on weight or are constantly trying to impress people with your sartorial wealth. 

Follow Spotless Dry Cleaning on Instagram, or find it at Arkan Mall (01274444122), Dandy Mall (01274444124), Wadi El Nile Mohandesseen (01274444119) and Garana Farm (01274444121).