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Summer is Hot, But The Kash’ma’s SS19 Collection is Hotter

Give me one of those, pronto.


The Kash’ma, a cute, hip abbreviation to the French and locally used term “cache maillot” for beachwear and swimsuit cover-ups, is a brand for exactly that. Founded by Menna El Sherbini, one of the brand’s selling points is that only Egyptian fabrics like chiffon and silk are used for her pieces, but her new collection of wrap-around dresses is all about satin

Used not only for beachwear and morning attire, her kaftans can also be evening gowns, especially with the new addition of satin. This collection’s prints are all trending worldwide - from the tiger prints to the sequins and glitter, and that’s the standard she’s setting for herself.


“I know it’s not the cheapest, but it’s good quality. You get what you pay for,” El Sherbini tells CairoScene. 

You can find The Kash’ma at the Society store in Seacode North Coast as of next week. Otherwise, orders are made through instagram for now. El Sherbini hopes to set up an e-commerce website in the near future, and to delve further in other products like shorts and pants, following the same style. 

In 2017, Menna Elsherbini chose to start this brand when all the decent swimsuit cover-ups she could find were extremely overpriced. So deciding to be fully locally-made, with Egyptian fabric, The Kash’ma was born.