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Sustainable Stylish Shoe Brand Morena is Handmade in Egypt

Morena Apparel is Egypt’s next red-hot footwear brand keeping the environment, local artisans, and your wallet in mind.

Making luxury trends more affordable for fashion connoisseurs and shoe stans alike, Morena is the local footwear brand following in the footsteps of fashion’s biggest design houses. After launching in July, the new brand has grabbed our attention after dishing out a line of immaculate designs that aren’t only top tier in quality, but just too cute to pass up. What we love the most, though, is the fact that these kicks are totally handmade and environmentally sustainable.

Founded by friends and partners Omar El Deeb and Youssef Mamdouh, Morena - dubbed a ‘sustainable lifestyle brand’ by the designers - is about more than design. “I wanted to create something both sustainable and luxurious on a local level," El Deeb told #CairoScene. "Our pieces are handmade and we place quality above all else, but that doesn’t have to mean disregarding the environment or our customer’s price range.”

After jumping around from country to country, the designers found themselves constantly inspired by different cultures and the ever-mesmerizing muse they named their brand after. Morena, an Italian-Portuguese name, embodies the figure of a beautiful brunette dame, a cosmopolitan fictional character for whom the designs are tailored.

This is perhaps their only joint point of interest, as the designers tend to embark on separate aesthetic journeys. “Youssef and I both create the designs, and we have very different styles so we collaborate to find something in between that is suitable for the market,” El Deeb said.

The end product is a collection of strappy sandals, flat mules, and square-neck heels— so far. The brand plans on expanding their product line extensively to encompass a range of lifestyle pieces, including bags, belts, small leather goods, among other items.

To shop Morena’s collection, visit

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