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T Sportswear: Functional & Fashionable

Nobody wants to keep re-wearing the same sportswear every time they hit the gym, so the latest brand to hit the city T, focuses on delivering workout gear that is both gym-friendly and fashionable. We speak to founder Hussein Abd El-Dayem of Ignite Egypt, about the new line.

We all know the struggle of workout clothes. They're either international brands and incredibly expensive (especially for a shirt you're about to sweat like hell in), or locally made and easily worn-out (whoops, did NOT catch that tear in the butt when I looked in the mirror at home). And the problem is especially pronounced for women since it's no secret they don't particularly want to keep re-wearing the same outfits every time they hit the gym. They cannot simply wear the same top ten times GOSH. We speak to the founder of Ignite Egypt, athlete, trainer, and all around fit human Hussein Abd El-Dayem, who happens to be launching a female sportswear line named "T" to tackle this precise issue.

"I used to work in the textile field for years and at the same time, I used to train and I always got the same comment from clients; how they can't find the suitable workout gear and wear. Veiled women were the most to complain, as they barely found anything to suit their way of dressing," reveals Abd El-Dayem about his new project. The T line is, for now, a fitness-wear production that provides women with high quality sporting clothes that don't easily wear out, look fashionable, and are comfortable. So triple threat basically. The material the clothes are made from includes the something fit humans may know a thing or two about (or not) called dry-fit fabric, which contains technology that enables sucking the sweat off one's body to avoid visible wet patches. Because there is nothing more awkward than ending a fitness session looking and feeling like you just came out of a torrential downpour. 

"People who workout regularly at the gym usually bump into one another daily and of course, they like to look fashionable and therefore, desire to change the items they use for working out daily, which is difficult when one's wearing certain expensive brands they can't buy many items from," explains the pro, "My sister, Safeya and fashion-blogger Farah Emara are working on the designs of our new line, making sure what we offer is classy and stylish."

Abd El-Dayem's fitness studio, Ignite, is located in Heliopolis and includes two sections; one where professional athletes train for important events like the Olympics and one where people who like to workout regularly on the machines. T is set to launch on Saturday, and will be available as an online store.

You can check out their Instagram account @tsportswear.