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Talalya's New Collection of Crochet Swimwear Ignites All Our Mermaid Fantasies

Crochet wizard Talalya is back with a new collection of adorable beachwear for the summer.

The moment you hear crochet swimwear you imagine some seriously unrealistic #SwimsuitGoals with some Tumblr-esque photo of a girl that looks like she's never eaten a pizza in her life, frolicking on a beach with that oh-I-didn't-even-know-you-were-taking-a-photo-of-me-but-I really-did look. Except local brand Talalya designs has taken the digital fantasy and made it a reality in Egypt, with their slew of handmade crochet creations, and they've just launched a brand new beachwear collection.

The pieces are a cute bohemian take on the regular swimsuit - because let's be honest here, everything is cuter in crochet. Founder of the brand, Manar Helal, also explains that this year, in addition to swimsuits, they've "added covers, pants, overalls, and tops to the collection."  Helal tells us that they have also they implemented more elastic materials in their clothes so that individuals can feel incredibly comfortable moving around. "We're launching beachwear in a new, unique way with very high quality; a common problem is the shredding that happens from cheap materials, which is why many people are afraid of wearing it,'' explains Helal, who emphasises that the material Talalya uses – stretchy acrylic – is very durable. "It gets dry in like 15 minutes, just like lycra.'' she assures. 

Photos courtesy of Talaya. Photography by Crayon Media Studios.