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Talalya's Warm New Winter Collection

Giving handmade knitting a new twist, designer Manar Helal talks to us about Talalya's exciting new winter collection that features everything from beanies to leg warmers.

When someone says winter, our minds automatically go to granny's knitted sweaters; it's a shame that no one appreciates knitted garments as much anymore. However, with Talalya, knitting techniques are being revived into something much more than granny's sweaters. Starting out with swimming suits and scarves, they've recently launched their winter collection. 

Meet the woman behind the brand that's making a name for itself: Manar Helal. Originally launched in October 2014, her brand has been rapidly on the rise ever since and her empire is standing strong. “I launched the brand with a few turbans for kids, headbands, and scarves; mainly all small accessories,” Helal tells us. Being an art director and interior designer, we are certain that creativity runs in Helal’s blood. “It all started out with creating things for myself; however, I decided to take it to the next level and create a business out of a simple art,” she explains. Helal wanted to create new handmade products with a vision of eccentricity. “People often think that handmade knitted products seem cheap, but I’ve decided to show the public that it can be elegant and chic,” Helal explains.

“We get our materials from Turkey and Spain, unlike the rest of the brands who mainly use Chinese or Egyptian materials. It is known that the best thread is in Turkey, Spain, and the UK, and we aim for the best,” she tells us. What we love about this brand is its unique sense of style. In addition, you can customise your own pieces without looking like copies of other people. "It's not only eye-candy; it's useful as well, and can handle heavy-duty activities. That's why we have a great reputation in the market," she reveals. While their summer pieces were all stylish swimwear and skimpy tops, come winter, their collection delves into fluffy scarves, hobo-chic fingerless gloves, 80s fab legwarmers, beanies, and more.  

Manar Helal has collaborated with Crayon Studios and make-up artist Noha Shahin while shooting her new collection. Alongside her online store, Helal is launching a new global website, and is planning to display her designs in boutiques around Zamalek and Heliopolis, so keep your eye out!

You can check out Talalya on Instagram here.