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The Egyptian Boot Brand Mixing Frills and Fur for our Pleasure

Dou by Misura has us covered this winter with fuzz-covered and suede cowboy booties.

What's the easiest way to put your best foot forward in the new year? New boots of course. But forget about all-black and sleek thigh-highs because Dou by Misura, an Egyptian shoe brand, is offering something a little more surprising this winter. 

After a killer summer collection of leather sandals and open-toe mules that secured the baby brand over 10,000 Instagram followers, Ahd El Saady founder of Dou wasn’t afraid to get inventive with her winter creations. “I travelled after university and took a shoe course in Melbourne, and I came back and started my shoe line in the summer, I had no idea it was going to boom this quickly and I guess this was my biggest motivation,” tells us Saady. 

Inspired by the wild, wild west, Dou’s cowboy boots with suede fringes come in black, beige, and olive – and whether tucked into a pair of jeans or styled with a skirt, they’ll spice up any outfit and elevate both workday and weekend ensembles.

Since fur isn’t only a major trend for clothes but a true head-to-toe necessity today, Dou makes fuzz-covered booties that are both cool and comfortable. These boots aren't only made for walking; they're made to make huge style statements, too and you’ll be surprised how far a touch of fur on your cold-weather boots will take you. Making boots in making boots is so tricky. If you’re part of a cm off, you need throw the the entire shoe away and start again. It’s so difficult – I’m not exaggerating, but I worked as hard as I can and listened to more criticism than compliments – I think this was key to Dou’s success,” added Saady.

Dou’s boots are available at Pop-Up Shop, Downtown Mall and D Store Egypt, CityStars and First Mall and also online at 

Check out Dou’s Instagram account here