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Egypt's 'King's Mother' Can't Wait to Dress Us in Blazers This Winter

Let's all admit, blazers make us feel as important as women who birth kings.

Who said women who care about fashion are ditzy and unintelligent? We love us some fashion with historical nuances! Who would've thought that blazers didn't get their name from the fact that they make us look blazing hot, and that they were actually worn by a sports team in the St. John's College rowing club, which was under the supervision of Lady Margaret (mother of King Henry VII)? And who knew they were called blazers because they were bright red but then, the term just stuck to make us this fine sartorial connivence we love to rock everywhere we go if we could? Seriously, blazers work on so many levels; boring business meetings, dinner date, formal evening wear, etc. One brand in Egypt took note of the versatility and potential creativity you can have with blazers – the King's Mother (are we getting the reference now?) launched their gorgeous brand just this year, and their breathtakingly classy collection for the Fall and Winter of 2016, Outlined, is to die for.The founding partners, Farida Naguib and Nadine Sabry, came together through their passion for fashion and all its latest trends and where fashion triumphs the most. "We wanted to focus on one article of clothing and make sure we make it unique – when Farida said blazers, I was so excited because I love blazers; I wear them all the time, even at weddings!" says Sabry, one of the pioneers of fashion blogging in Egypt. From then on, they have been fabric hunting and absorbing all sorts of inspirations to bring to their online store and share their creations inside and outside of Egypt."A lot of the collection was inspired by Farida's love for animals; she started focusing on animals' x-rays and patterns and textures, and it just worked out for the collection," Sabry mentions. Well, we're just glad they're not tacky leopard-print patterns, but actually brilliant patterns that are indeed animal-related but not trashy.

We were told that Naguib and Sabry went to school together, but they didn't exactly major in fashion design; so, what you're seeing emerge from this brand is the purest form of talent and love the two queens have for blazing our wardrobes.