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'The Forbidden Marshmallow': Nob Designs' Taboo Summer Collection

Nob Designs' edgy and unique SS16 collection draws inspiration from our favourite campfire treat...

As Egyptians brace themselves for the sweltering summer, we already know that shops and brands will be focusing on bright colours to highlight the merry vibes of the beach, Sahel night parties, and more batteekh than strictly necessary. Last summer, flowy dresses in zesty electric colours, amplified straw hats, and hot pinks were in trend; now we find a quirky idea for summer fashion manifesting itself in Nob Designs' recently released SS16 collection, The Forbidden Marshmallow.Nob Designs – which calls itself an "out there, cool brand with a touch of avant-garde" – lives up to its word through its designs. Nob Designs' latest collection looks and feels like something straight out of a science fiction movie; cool shades and the geometric designs take us to a little visual world of our own.

Ahmed Nabil, Founder and Head Designer of Nob Designs, explains that "the 'marshmallow' colour palette is usually associated with soft and sweet designs" – think cotton candy, think clean wisps of flowers. He tells us this is his attempt at using these particular colours and yet he does a beautiful job at remaining faithful to his sweet inspiration. 

When told that his summer collection is an odd one considering how it doesn't live up to the typical idea of summer fashion, Nabil lets out a cheeky laugh and says that he likes to do things in reverse: he made his previous winter collection on the vibrant, colourful side. This collection showcases unique and minimal items: a black tank top adorned with small silver buttons, a simple dress with meticulous white triangles running down the sides, and much more, which promptly reminds us that there is always sophistication behind simplicity.

Only befittingly, the collection has a quirky name to match its collection; although it personally made us think of magic mushrooms and Alice in Wonderland, The Forbidden Marshmallow had for inspiration the pastel colour palette of marshmallows tinted by light hues such as pink and blue with heavy monochromatic tones like white and black.  

"I wanted, in this collection, to use these colours but in the Nob way, maintaining our brand identity of being hard and edgy,’’ says Nabil.

He then adds, "The colour palette for me was a challenge, and was questioned at each step of the process. I had always thought these colours were taboo and forbidden to Nob Designs, but I faced the challenge, and conquered it."  

Although the collection's name makes us wish there was a sweet anecdote prompting the inspiration, we acknowledge that the mesh of influences compensates for that in an interesting outcome for summer.

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