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The GANT Guide To A Stylish Spring Break

As the cold weather finally fades away and we peel off our winter layers to welcome the warmth of spring, we've prepared some awesome outfits from Gant for you to take on Easter in style...

Unlike summertime when style revolves around format el Sahel, spring means chanelling a slightly more sophisticated look of laid-back elegance that balances between beach time frolics and staycation brunches. We've teamed up with our preppy friends over at Gant to imagine up some refined outfits you can slip on no matter what you have planned this Easter; think floral patterns, pastel colours and a lot of chino.

The mint polo matched with floral trunks and the subtle red wallet and shades mix will look perfect against the backdrop of yachts whilst you waltz down the marina in Gouna for lunch at The Captain's Inn, and then maybe go for a dip and a tipple at Club 88 at sunset.

Just because you're semi-slummin' it on the beach at the 3alganoob Festival in Soma Bay this Easter, doesn't mean you have to go full out cache maillot and wife beater hippie. Instead, keep it svelte with a simple v-neck, matching shades and board shorts.

This outfit is for the party boy who likes to keep it clean. Once you've left the spring shindig in Sahel Hasheesh, everyone at the after party will be like, "Yo! Where did that dude in the yellow chino shorts, cotton shirt and colorful belt and socks combination go!?"

Not one to to follow the flock, in travel plans or looks, take this nifty white polo-shirt-and-khaki shorts number out to brunch by the pool at the Mena House. Instagram shot of striped socks with the Pyramids in the background included. #Peaceful #StripesAndScenery #Cairo

GANT's collection of primary coloured leather wallets are pretty damn cool; you might as well take them out and treat yourself to a Friday morning Jazz brunch at the Marriott Zamalek whilst wearing this flannel shirt and bright red shorts number.

Sokhna time. Sun, sand, beach, friends and some super moddish short cut trunks.

Ladies, if you've never experienced the breathtaking beauty of Aswan from the Gatsby-style terrace of the Sofitel Old Cataract Aswan, spring would be a good time to do so, ideally in this charming little red summer dress.

Take your little princess out to the gorgeous new Family Park for picnic time where she can twirl her pretty new linen turquoise dress from GANT and play in the massive green space amongst the spring flowers in bloom to her heart's content.
Whilst the ladies catch up with their girlfriends at Left Bank, leave it to the little lady to steal the show with this waspy polo shirt and jeans outfit.
Catching up on coursework during the holidays? Perfect the real preppy look with this bright polo shirt, pink belt and jeans ensemble, presumably at Cafe Supreme, whilst listening to a some nondescript Indie rock.


You can shop all the items featured above at Gant stores across Cairo: 5 Lebanon St., Mohandessin, Mall of Arabia, 6th of October, Cairo Festival City, 5th Settlement.