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The King's Mother: The Egyptian Brand of Blazers Blurring the Line Between Formal and Party Wear

Their latest collection uses patterns and fabric that can seamlessly transform your look for business chic to nightlife queen.

For some reason, people think that blazers are for formal business occasions only, and we can understand why. Something about putting on a blazer makes you feel official and important. Unfortunately, shopping for blazers in this country usually ends up in buying that boring black or navy one that everyone has in their closet just collecting dust, probably from some fast fashion brand too. But that all changed in 2016 when The King’s Mother appeared.

The King’s Mother changed the blazer game with their ultra chic collections inspired by the couture of menswear and the perpetual movement of art and creativity. The brand has been creating these edgy, almost Berlin-esque looks with quality fabrics and huge attention to detail and their fall collection is no exception.

It features their classic looks with a 2017 twist: The patterns, fabrics, and colours that are a must have for everyone’s closet.

What The King's Mother has done with this collection though is make sure that you can wear them to any occasion. The new patterns and colours make these pieces fit for that meeting you have ad even that wedding you're forced to go to. Even a night out to a fancy club in the winter. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to wear these to a club? 

Check out the full collection here or follow the King's Mother on Instagram and Facebook