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The Most Transformative Hair Masks By Local Brands

Don’t grit your teeth and tear your hair out - take a look at our curated list of local beauty brands with transformative hair remedies.

It's winter and your hair has endured its fair share of bleach, heat, and environmental damage. Don’t grit your teeth and tear the rest of it out - here's a curated list of local beauty brands that offer the hair remedies you’ve been looking for…

IL N’Y A PAS LE FEU by Bræs Hair & Skin |

Price: EGP 300

Infused with argan, macadamia, avocado oil, and shea butter, this deeply nourishing hair mask is designed with all hair types in mind. The restorative fusion of rich essential nutrients is guaranteed to revive damaged and lacklustre hair.

RAW MAYA HAIR MASK by Raw African |

Price: EGP 250

This ultra-rich, avocado-infused hair mask encourages bountiful curls for voluminous and hydrated hair. Targeted toward low-porosity hair, this mask/treatment combo repairs damaged strands and split ends for gorgeous locks all winter.

MIRACLE 7 IN 1 HAIR MASK by Saskia |

Price: EGP 180

This unique blend of lavender and blue chamomile essential oils target overly-processed hair by retaining and maintaining hair moisture levels. The deeply emollient properties of chamomile help to soothe the scalp, providing the ultimate slate for healthy hair growth.

FEEL THE STRAND by Smack That Scrub! |

Price: EGP 250

The nourishing blend of collagen, vitamin E, and Keratin is the perfect remedy for brittle and frizzy hair. Vitamin E is guaranteed to stimulate hair growth whilst elastin in collagen and keratin works towards maintaining the hair’s integrity.


Price: EGP 180

This organic bone marrow-infused conditioner cream is enriched with fatty amino acids that promote hair growth as well as stimulate blood flow to the scalp for optimal hydration and hair growth.


Price: EGP 195

Dull hair is no match for honey which is why this honey-based nourishing hair mask is the perfect remedy for lacklustre hair. The lightweight nature of the mask is a surefire way of depositing shine-inducing properties without the greasy feel.


Price: EGP 250

Fortified with superfoods like kiwi and avocado, this protein-free hair mask option is perfect for those whose hair is craving a large dose of hydration. The vitamin-enriched formula boosts the hair’s vitality without the sometimes-harsh effects of protein.

LE MIEL HAIR MASK by In Natural |

Price: EGP 200

Honey-infused hair masks are all the rage and for good reason. The shine encouraging properties of honey coupled with an amalgamation of natural oils make the In Natural’s Le Miel hair mask double as a restorative and nourishing treatment to deliver rapid results within the first use.